Additional Active Ingredients

The Aloe Vera Plant

This plant is widely regarded as a “medicinal plant”, “plant that heals burns”, “first aid plant” or a “miracle plant”. Aloe Vera has been proven effective in healing various skin conditions: small pimples, soothes bites, cuts, burns, abrasions, acne, allergies, eczema and damaged skin.

Aloe Vera preserves the skins moisture, softness and suppleness.

Centella Asiatica

An Indian plant widely used in Indian medicine. This plant is a catalyst for the renewal of tissue for mending the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is used externally to heal skin infections and to restore the skin.


The leaves and bark of the Hamamelis bush, which grows in the United States and Canada, are used for medicinal purposes such as making the pores contract, sterilization and healing.

Alga Extrct –Dunaliella

This single celled alga belongs to the family of green algae. It grows in lukewarm salty waters and is found in the Dead Sea. Contains Vitamins B and E.

Shea Butter

Extracted from the Shea nut which grows in Desert terrains. This butter heals and cares for the skin of the body thanks to the variety of food groups it comprises.

Shea Butter is rich in vitamins, anti oxidants, proteins and carbohydrates which together function to activate the metabolism of the skin and renewal of cells.

Lactic Acid

Milk as its main source, it is found in cells that have metabolized. It preserves the inner moisture of the skin and gives it an improved supple look.


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