Plant Extracts- Active Ingredients in the CSE Complex™

The healing powers of plants have been known to man since time immemorial.

Up until 60 years ago, the source of almost all medicines recorded in medical books is from plants. Israel is blessed with more than 700 varieties of plants that have been documented that they contain medicinal healing qualities. There are medicines which are synthetically manufactured in the laboratory which imitate the chemical structure of these natural medicines.

The “Canaan” Series at Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. has researched and found three medicinal plants which are particularly effective in the treatment of facial skin:

1. Hypericum Perforatum

St. Johns Wort

This plant is known for its sterilizing anti-bacterial and soothing qualities. It helps in the restoration of the skin’s cells and significantly reduces the skin’s sensitivity.

2. Althea Officinalis

Marsh Mallow root (Alcea setosa)

Creates a protective layer above the wounded layers of skins for example: a cut or bruise by mending and healing the skin, anti- inflammatory and anti- infection

The membrane creates a layer of protection which maintains the natural moisture of the skin, and hence improves dry dull skin.

3. Plantago Lanceolata

Plantago Lea

Rids the body of heat and poisons, anti inflammatory, relieves swelling, lymphatic edema and benefits the skin.

Absorbs and stops bleeding. Anti allergenic, balances the immune system. Helps repair the skin and relieves pain.

Protects and moisturizes the skin and its capacity to regulate itself in cases of natural dryness.

Improves blood flow and the rate of metabolism and thereby regenerating skin cells.


Vita = life, as the name indicates. Vitamins are vital for the body and play a key role in the different bodily functions.

We derive most of the vitamins from external sources. Due to their complex and varied roles, and the limitations of the body’s ability to produce them all adequately, (due to illness, medications or aging), the body suffers from a vitamin deficit which can hurt or impair an internal bodily function or the external surface of the body- the skin.

At The “Canaan” Series of Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. we have concentrated on adding to our line of products three types of essential vitamins to the skin: vitamins A, C and E.

Vitamin A

An anti oxidant, essential for the neutralization of free radicals. Active and important for the regulation and cornification of the skin, encourages the production of new cells, protects the level of natural moisture and reduces wrinkles.
Vitamin C / Absorbic Acid

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the protection of the cell’s membrane and neutralizes free radicals.

Many studies show that vitamin C also strengthens the immune system. This vitamin has been known for years as a very effective anti oxidant. Scientists believe that it functions to prevent damage and even repair the skin from the sun’s rays.

Even prophylactic use of products containing vitamin C helps to significantly improve damage to the skin and the skin’s texture.

Vitamin E

This powerful anti oxidant protects the cell’s membrane as well as other parts. It is found in the body’s important glands such as the lobes of the brain and the sexual organs. It has a regulating effect in situations of stress and tiredness

The use of cream containing vitamin E before exposure to the sun and up to 8 hours after exposure neutralizes, to a great extent, the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin. Vitamin E is also found to be soothing for sensitive and irritated skin.
Vitamin B

Vitamin B belongs to a group of eight different vitamins, which are often found together in the same foods. Vitamin B5 /Pantothenic acid: Within the vitamin B group, part of the coenzyme A. Helps release energy in the cells.

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