• Zaineb, London, England

    "I've had this product for a while but have not reviewed it because I felt like I needed to give it some time. Today I felt like my face needed uplifting - something a little more than makeup, so before popping into the shower.. I used the Canaan applicator to apply the product all over my face; I then left Canaan mud mask on for about 3 minutes and quickly washed it off. Once I had washed the mud mask off my face I was so shocked at how soft the product had left my skin - (yes I have used this product before but I do not remember my skin being this soft). Soft a great word to describe how my skin felt but moisturized too, I didn't even need to moisturize my skin after because it was so smooth. ANYWAY, I said to myself I'd have to make this a part of a weekend routine - wash away all those weekday stresses and all. Can I just say this product is produced in Israel - hence the 'dead sea' text on the front of the package. The first ingredient mentioned is 'dead sea natural black mud' how cool?"

  • Hollett, Newfoundland, Canada

    "For many years I suffer from extreme dryness on my hands, especially during the winter time and I`ve tried many different hand creams that had no effect. A friend of mine recommended me to try Canaan hand cream- Just a week later, the skin of my hands was restored and so its natural moisture. Love your product!!!"

  • Sharon, Brussel , Belgium

    "I’m enjoying the benefits of using Canaan Eye cream and Canaan Daily Silk Serum for the first time. Your packaging is very stylish and eye-catching."

  • Sara, Tel Aviv, Israel

    "I have tried Canaan products for a while and found them to be extremely good. There is a definite improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. I look and feel younger! " The greatest skin care products I've ever tried. Thank you!"

  • Catherine, Vancouver ,Canada

    "I found Canaan Moisturizing cream in a drugstore next to my work and love it. Feels good and makes my skin soft. Clean smell. Thanks!"

  • Charlene, Washington, USA

    "My husband recently purchased me Canaan Moisturizing Cream and Canaan Eye Cream and I love it! My skin looks and feels smoother and younger since using your products. The BEST I have ever used"