Active ingredient “Nong Ke” products


Dead Sea minerals

Compared to other marine mineral content of 3%, Dead Sea mineral content up to 30%. Thus, extracted from the high salt content of the Dead Sea mineral skin care products made from healing skin more powerful performance.

In order to bring the benefits of Dead Sea minerals harvested, you do not have to fuss to die sea travel. “Ke Lennon” product is rich in such minerals. “Ke Lennon” product-rich extracted directly from the beach and the depths of the Dead Sea minerals. There’s nothing we can extract from the Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and plant extracts Healing comparable. This is the “Nong Ke” series of face, body and spa skin care products contain the magic ingredient.

All this thanks from the depths of the Dead Sea waters and mud extracted rare salt.

What makes Dead Sea minerals daily beauty so important?

Minerals are stored in the chemical elements in the crust, all the organs in the body are playing a key role: strong bones, teeth, skin and hair, for the sustained and healthy operation of the human body is indispensable.

The body itself can not produce these minerals, it needs to be replenished from food, vitamins and a variety of additives, Ke Lennon series is able to provide adequate nutrition source minerals.

Found in the Dead Sea basin mud and natural salts rich in minerals such as: sulfur, sodium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, these elements on the facial skin has a miraculous effect.

S – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing and absorption.

Magnesium – 70% of the magnesium body is present in teeth and bones, it is the key to the healthy development of bones and teeth. This element capable of activating a variety of enzymes, plays a key role in the process of blood sugar into energy. Magnesium helps regulate body temperature, speed up the metabolism of human cells.

Calcium – essential for the healthy development of the body. Calcium-fortified cell membrane, is an important component of teeth and bones. Indispensable in many metabolic processes.

By regulating the amount of sodium in extracellular fluid to ensure that the pressure within the cell, and maintain the acid-base balance. For conduction of nerve impulses and muscle contraction has a key role. Most foods contain sodium, which is easily absorbed.

Potassium – essential body functions, including the maintenance of normal heart beat, fluid balance, through storage and break down carbohydrates as a source of energy.

Iron – important elements of life, adult body contains 4 grams of iron present in hemoglobin and red blood cells. Iron is an important element in the delivery of oxygen to the body. Meat, especially liver class especially iron. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia.

Zinc – plays an important role in more than 200 kinds of enzymes, the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (genetic material of cells) of an essential element, involved in the synthesis of insulin carbohydrate, the key element is the healing of wounds and burns. Zinc oxide, because of its soothing effect, mainly for the treatment of skin problems and hemorrhoids, is widely used in ointments and creams.

As the body of minerals reduction and cell regeneration time is shorter, so the skin’s metabolism slows, so the above essential minerals for adults. Therefore, the body needs mineral supplements from the outside.


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