Facial Treatment Normal – Oily Skin

The aging process of the skin begins from the moment of birth. A baby’s skin is usually thought of as the ideal realization of beautiful skin. It is no coincidence that the expression: “soft as a baby’s skin” is so popular.

Many changes occur in the skin when the aging process begins. For example, the skin turns dull and yellowish, and brown spots appear. The skin gets dry and the collagen and elastin fibers are reduced, taking away its elasticity. The appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds increase.

The aging of the skin is affected by genetic factors as well as from internal and external influences throughout life. As with any other body organ the skin deteriorates. Because it is external, it is noticeable.

Throughout the aging process changes appear in the epidermis, dermis, muscles, hair and subcutaneous fat content. The epidermis becomes thin and frail and the cornification process slows down. The dermis goes through changes mostly in the places exposed to the sun, the collagen and elastin fibers decompose and the result is observed in the wrinkling of the skin and lack of flexibility.

Aging skin is more susceptible to disease, pimples and blackheads. Its protection against the rays of the sun weakens as a result and cancerous processes in the skin increase.

No formulas preventing the aging process have been discovered. However, using “Canaan’s” line products can prevent and reduce the damage and can treat the side effects of the aging skin.

Canaan’s Normal to Oily skin products are suitable for the following skin types:
Normal young skin, Combination skin (normal to oily) and Oily skin.