Canaan Skincare Energizer™ (CSE) Complex

The driving force behind our entire line, CSE Complex™ combines health-inducing Dead Sea minerals and powerful plant extracts indigenous to this captivating region.

It begins with a healthy harvest of powerful minerals from the Dead Sea, arguably one of the Earth’s most astounding natural spas. This ancient basin abounds in minerals and nutrients that have been forming in its waters and along its banks throughout the millennia. Located at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea region has by far the richest concentration of minerals on the planet. These moisture-enhancing gifts of the Earth have been clinically proven to be vital factors in stimulating the skin’s metabolism and natural hydration processes and contribute significantly to the creation of cosmetic applications that help to maintain a healthy complexion.

Rounding out our unique CSE Complex™ is a medley of powerful plant extracts that are indigenous to the Dead Sea region – specifically Plantain Leaf, St. John’s Wort and Marshmallow Root. The secrets of these desert plants have been well-known to the native tribes of the desert for centuries, who have harvested its goodness in the creation of a variety of effective medicines, tonics and balms. At Canaan skincare, we leverage their naturally effective ingredients to help hydrate, soothe and repair the skin.

The unique complex helps to heal, firm, nourish and moisturize your thirsty body skin and complexion, leaving your skin supple, relaxed and deliciously refreshed. All products are Paraben free and SLS / SLES free.


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